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MSCA Newsletters

2011 Newsletter Headlines

Published Headline Download
December 2011 2011 Tax Planning UpdateDownload (.PDF)
November 2011 Recent OSHA Directive May Impact Retail and Other Commercial ActivitiesDownload (.PDF)
October 2011 Minimum Impact Design Standards (MIDS)Download (.PDF)
September 2011 Minnetonka: Optimistic About the Future and Seeing Steady GrowthDownload (.PDF)
August 2011 Are You E-Reading This?Download (.PDF)
July 2011 Target Integrates Sustainability Inside and OutDownload (.PDF)
June 2011 Do "They" Know What You Will Do Next? Data Mining...Download (.PDF)
May 2011 RFIDDownload (.PDF)
April 2011 CityView: Mayor Stephens, City of WoodburyDownload (.PDF)
March 2011 Consumer and Retailer Trends for 2011Download (.PDF)
February 2011 Exclusives - Clearing Up The AmbiguityDownload (.PDF)
January 2011 Retail and Social Media: Are You On Board Yet?Download (.PDF)