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MSCA Newsletters

2009 Newsletter Headlines

Published Headline Download
December 2009 Mayor Ardell Brede, RochesterDownload (.PDF)
November 2009 University of Minnesota's TCF StadiumDownload (.PDF)
October 2009 Turning a Negative Into a PositiveDownload (.PDF)
September 2009 Cityview: Maple GroveDownload (.PDF)
August 2009 '09 Real Estate Triage: Lease RenegotiationDownload (.PDF)
July 2009 Go EthnicDownload (.PDF)
June 2009 Midtown Global MarketDownload (.PDF)
May 2009 CityView: BlaineDownload (.PDF)
April 2009 On the Brighter SideDownload (.PDF)
March 2009 Putting it all into PerspectiveDownload (.PDF)
February 2009 Alternatives to Traditional FinancingDownload (.PDF)
January 2009 The Evolution of Community Shopping Centers in the Twin CitiesDownload (.PDF)