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MSCA Newsletters

2004 Newsletter Headlines

Published Headline Download
December 2004 Evolution, Not Revolution in Retail TrendsDownload (.PDF)
November 2004 Insurance Industry TrendsDownload (.PDF)
October 2004 Wal-Mart: Turning Its Surplus Real Estate Into a Profit CenterDownload (.PDF)
September 2004 Lifestyle Center Turns One Year Old!Download (.PDF)
August 2004 CAP Rates - Going Nowhere FastDownload (.PDF)
July 2004 Real Estate CommunicationDownload (.PDF)
June 2004 New City Center for St. Louis ParkDownload (.PDF)
May 2004 Paradigm Shift IKEA: Style for EveryoneDownload (.PDF)
April 2004 Determining Successful Retail Locations through Market AnalysisDownload (.PDF)
March 2004 The Long and Short of the 2004 Legislative SessionDownload (.PDF)
February 2004 Fashion TrendsDownload (.PDF)
January 2004 Rochester Market UpdateDownload (.PDF)