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Corporate Sponsorship Benefits

Corporate sponsorship funds allow MSCA to offer quality services and a wide variety of benefits to help the retail industry as a whole.

Sponsorship funds are critical for our continued growth and success as an association.
MSCA Corporate Sponsorship has one level of $2,395, which opens up in September each year.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • One MSCA general membership (value of $399)
  • *NEW* FREE Website Banner Ad on front page of our website with link to your website for a month
  • *NEW* Receive a FREE Announcement Ad in our monthly newsletter
  • *NEW* Company featured at a monthly program
  • *NEW* Name badges at monthly programs will show you are a corporate sponsor, General and all Affiliate Members
  • *NEW* Listing on large banner and PowerPoint at monthly programs (attendance estimated at 175)
  • Recognition on the MSCA website with color logo and direct link to your company website
  • Featured logo and quote at two of the monthly programs
  • Acknowledgment in the electronic monthly MSCA newsletter (circulation estimated at 800+) that is available to both members and non-members
  • Company featured in one issue of the MSCA newsletter along with a live link to your website
  • Special recognition as a corporate sponsor in the 2018 MSCA membership directory 
  • Receive a FREE half-page, black and white ad, or upgrade to a full page b/w or colored ad for a fee (directory ad upgrades released on a first come, first served basis)
  • Industry focus and a quote about MSCA listed under the Sponsor tab in the 2018 MSCA membership directory
  • Corporate plaque and year plate
  • Recognition at the MSCA golf tournament and a discount of over 15% off of golf hole sponsorship
  • Special acknowledgement at Retail Report program and Year-End Ceremony/STARRSM Awards/Holiday Party