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Philanthropic Charity of Choice

MSCA supports philanthropic organizations and builds networking events dedicated to making a huge difference in our community, creating and keeping relationships, while having a good time with colleagues in the retail real estate industry.

MSCA is proud to announce that The Prop Shop has been selected as our MSCA philanthropic partner. The PROP Shop is a resale store and nonprofit serving the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis. The store is full of quality clothing, household items, and furniture for sale to the general public. The Family Service area helps local families with free clothing, household goods, and furniture. The PROP Shop has a small staff and more than 350 enthusiastic and helpful volunteers. Their mission is to provide basic support for families in need through volunteers, community, and other organizations.

Please watch for more ways to get involved with The Prop Shop throughout 2023. To learn more about The Prop Shop, click here.

MSCA Contributions to The Prop Shop

MSCA will have a collection point at the September Program and September Third Thursday.