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Philanthropic Charity of Choice

MSCA supports philanthropic organizations and builds networking events dedicated to making a huge difference in our community, creating and keeping relationships, while having a good time with colleagues in the retail real estate industry.

MSCA is proud to announce that Open Arms of Minnesota has been selected as our 2020-2021 MSCA philanthropic partner. Open Arms is a nonprofit that cooks and delivers free, nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses in the Twin Cities. Their mission is to nourish mind, body and soul. They believe that food is medicine, and how their work matters to the health outcomes of their clients. With the help of over 7,300 volunteers, they cook and deliver more than 600,000 delicious meals a year to people living with life-threatening illnesses, as well as their caregivers and dependents. 

Please watch for more ways to get involved with Open Arms of Minnesota throughout 2020-2021. To learn more about Open Arms of Minnesota, click here.

Monthly Update:

MSCA Open Arms - Turkey Drive

We did it! On the final day of the Turkey Drive, generous MSCA members and friends brought us to our goal of raising the $5,000 match amount! HJ Development donated an additional $5,000 and we were able to donate a total of $10,000 for the Open Arms of Minnesota 2020 Turkey Drive!

This year, they delivered more Thanksgiving meals than ever before, including 2,500 pounds of turkey, 7,500 fresh-baked dinner rolls, and 120 gallons cranberries. They were initially planning to deliver approximately 1,200 meals and actually cooked and distributed over 1,850!  Donations like ours allowed them to meet the growing community need this year!

Special Thanks to all Donors (those named and anonymous!):

                                       HJ Development                    Roseanne Hope                 Suzanne Huwald
                                       Sheila Zachman                    Thomas Schuttee               Tony LeClerc
                                       Emilee DeCoteau                  Bruce Miller                         Kris Brandt
                                       Michelle Koeller                     Joe Nunez                          Jack Amdal
                                       Kathleen Allen                       Wendy Aaserud                   Mark Kampmeyer
                                       Keith Sturm                           Michael Houge                     Ann Olson
                                       Stephen Day                         Alan Catchpool                    Johnny Reimann
                                       Brien Slawik                          Trish Sieh                             Joe Holman
                                       Aidan North                           Lisa Christianson                  Scott Ramsdale
                                       Ned Rukivina                        Deb Carlson                          Shawn Wiski
                                       Tom Heuer                            Jon Fahning                          Tammy Schemmel
                                       Russ McGinty                       Karla Keller Torp                    Emma Radtke