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Legislative Update

MSCA supports legislative interaction, providing the opportunity to participate in governmental affairs, including Legislator meetings, Legislative committee meetings and production of the annual MSCA legislative piece.

To download past copies of the annual Positive Impact on Our Economy or Retail Property Tax Study, visit the Publications section of this site.  

MSCA's 2023 Legislative Committee Priorities:

  • Property Tax Legislation
  • Municipal Fees 

Legislative Information:

  • Click here for the MSCA 2023 Legislative Session Update
  • Click here for the Faegre Drinker 2023 Minnesota Legislative Session Report
  • Click here to download a free copy of MSCA's Post-Pandemic Era Challenges in the Retail Industry - published February 2023
  • Click here for the 2023 Minnesota State Legislature's District Finder

MSCA 2023 Legislative Tool Kit - click below to download key information for legislator communication.

Additional Information: 

  • Click here for the Metropolitan Council's Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Program Webpage



These companies generously support MSCA's advocacy efforts in the local legislature.