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MSCA Golf Tournament

When:August 17, 2020
Time:10:45am - 6:00pm  Registration begins 9:45am
Where:Majestic Oaks Golf Course
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Cost:Members $175, Nonmembers $175, Student/Intern $175
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This event is now closed for online registration!

You acknowledge that COVID-19 creates a potential risk to you and your employees, agents and invitees (collectively, the "Affiliates"). You assume all such risks associated with your or your Affiliates' presence at the Majestic Oaks Golf Course, and waive, release, and discharge MSCA from any liability associated with your participation in the MSCA golfing event. You further agree to indemnify MSCA and its affiliates from and against any liability or claims that result from you or your Affiliates presence at or participation with the MSCA golf event. You further acknowledge that MSCA will not be able to refund your pay- ment if you later determine that you do not wish to participate in the MSCA golf event as a result of issues related to COVID-19 and that all payments are final. MSCA reserves the right to cancel the MSCA golf event if Majestic Oaks Golf Course refuses to permit the event to continue or if applicable law prohibits MSCA from hosting the event, provided that MSCA will refund your payment if the event is cancelled for any such reasons.