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The Omni Talk Retail "Fast Five" Live: 5 Trends Impacting The Future of The Mall and Retail Real Estate

When:June 1, 2022
Time: 8:30am - 10:00am  Registration begins 8:00am
Where:DoubleTree Bloomington - Minneapolis South
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Cost:Members $45, Nonmembers $75, Student/Intern $30
1. Shari Ahrens, Westwood Professional Services, Inc.
2. Kristin Bartish, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
3. Kathy Bayliss, Wellington Management, Inc.
4. Cameron Beiersdorf, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
5. Erika Bennett, Hiffman National
6. Paul Berg, Sunrise Banks, N.A.
7. Melissa Bjornson, Sever Construction
8. Carl Brandt, Great Southern Bank
9. Kris Brandt, JLL
10. Barry Brottlund, InSite Commercial Real Estate
11. Carrie Charleston, Mall of America
12. Elliot Christensen, Westwood Professional Services, Inc.
13. Mitchell Cookas, Kimley-Horn
14. Patrick Daly, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
15. George Daniels, Boulder Properties, Inc.
16. Emilee DeCoteau, RPT Realty
17. Jesseka Doherty, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
18. David Eddy, Prescription Landscape
19. Wayne Elam, Commercial Realty Solutions
20. Todd Erager, HJ Development
21. Rick Ferraro, Spectrum Sign Systems
22. Alex Funk, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
23. Tom Heuer, Aspen Waste Systems, Inc.
24. Charlie Hexum, CBRE
25. Christine Holman, Cushing Terrell
26. Joe Holman, Insight Restoration, LLC
27. Beth Holmgren, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
28. Jamie Johnson, Wings Financial Credit Union
29. Gail Kennedy, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
30. Lauren Kessler, Colliers | Minneapolis-St. Paul
31. Marisa Kinney, Red Wing Shoe Co., Inc.
32. Tom Klaers, Gardner Builders
33. Bill Krebsbach, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
34. Kevin Krolczyk, Mint Roofing
35. Alison Krueger, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
36. Jake Laffey, Huntington National Bank
37. Jim Leary, CBRE
38. Cindy MacDonald, Kraus-Anderson Companies
39. T J Mattson, Prescription Landscape, Inc
40. Russ McGinty, North Central Commercial Real Estate
41. Liz McLay, McLay Consulting
42. Julie McNally, United Properties
43. Stefanie Meyer, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
44. Anne Mezzenga, Omni Talk
45. Jackie Miller, RSP Architects, Ltd.
46. Rebecca Muchow, Cushing Terrell
47. Ann Olson, Bell Bank
48. Roz Peterson, Cerron Commercial Properties
49. Mike Phelan, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
50. Bob Pounds, Newmark
51. Johnny Reimann, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
52. Mark Robinson, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
53. Doug Sailor, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
54. Trisha Sieh, Kimley-Horn
55. Joan Suko, Ridgedale/Brookfield Properties
56. Bryce Thompson, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
57. Hollie Thompson, Cushman & Wakefield
58. Gavin Tugana, Mint Roofing
59. Jordan Van Den Eng, HJ Development
60. Deborah Vannelli, Upland Real Estate Group, Inc.
61. Morgan Vannelli, Upland Real Estate Group
62. Lauren VanRanst, HJ Development
63. Kenneth M. Vinje, Kraus-Anderson Companies
64. Chris Walton, Omni Talk
65. Jeremy L. Welter, Rochon
66. Alan Young, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
67. Sheila Zachman, Commercial Realty Solutions
68. Nicole Zelickson, HJ Development

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