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Annual Tubing Event - Sponsored by Bauer Design Build!

When:February 23, 2021
Time: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Where:Buck Hill, 15400 Buck Hill Rd, Burnsville, MN 55306
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Cost:Members $50, Nonmembers $50, Student/Intern $50
1. Shari Ahrens, Westwood Professional Services, Inc.
2. Ryan Anderson, ISG, Inc.
3. Ashley Astor, Kimley-Horn
4. Emily Becker, RMA Real Estate Services, LLC
5. Nic Bentz, Promotion Select
6. Ross Bertelsen, Diversified Construction
7. Melissa Bjornson, Sever Construction
8. Andrew Brandel, ISG, Inc.
9. Corey Bronczyk, Arthur Chapman
10. Fritz Budig, Grindstone Construction Services
11. Tonya Burns, Wings Financial Credit Union
12. Elliot Christensen, Westwood Professional Services, Inc.
13. David Cliett, Republic Services
14. Brock Collins, Cutting Edge Property Maintenance
15. Mike Collins, Cutting Edge Property Maintenance
16. Dan Conzemius, CBRE
17. Courtnie Cook, Continental Development
18. Eleanora Cook
19. Mitchell Cookas, Kimley-Horn
20. Emilee DeCoteau, RPT Realty
21. Eddy Dehmer, Rochon
22. Haley Dengel, Kimley-Horn
23. Dan Elenbaas, Kimley-Horn
24. Debbie Elhardt, Flynn Midwest LP
25. Cindy Ericson, Flynn Midwest LP
26. Jon C. Fahning, Bremer Bank
27. Michael Forsberg, Flynn Midwest LP
28. Steven Grant, Benson-Orth
29. Mike Gunderson, Qt Commercial
30. Suzanne Huwald, Promotion Select
31. Jamie Johnson, Wings Financial Credit Union
32. TK Kasemodel, Flynn Midwest LP
33. Matt Krier, Qt Commercial
34. Kevin Krolczyk, Mint Roofing
35. Josh LaMere, Qt Commercial
36. Christy Lewis, Mint Roofing
37. Arik Lokensgard, Kimley-Horn
38. Lori Lynn, Wings Financial Credit Union
39. Jill McKee, .
40. Sean McKee, Flynn Midwest LP
41. Matthew Mock, Flynn Midwest LP
42. Kate Moffatt, Kimley-Horn
43. Joe O'Brien, Flynn Midwest LP
44. Maggie O'Malley, Promotion Select
45. Kristin Olmstead, Arthur Chapman
46. Tess Puta, Flynn Midwest LP
47. Jason Quilling , Quality Trusted Commercial Construction & Roofing, Inc.
48. Scott Ramsdale, Wings Financial Credit Union
49. Nick Reynolds, Rochon
50. Jake Riesgraf, Promotion Select
51. Mark Roell, Flynn Midwest LP
52. Chris Schellenberg, Fred Outdoor Services
53. Benjamin Schlader, Diversified Construction
54. Jarrod Schultek, Flynn Midwest LP
55. Trisha Sieh, Kimley-Horn
56. Jim Sinkula, Flynn Midwest LP
57. Sheri Tessier, Grindstone Construction Services
58. Brittany Trelstad, Flynn Midwest LP
59. Gavin Tugana, Mint Roofing
60. Elvis Vo, Flynn Midwest LP
61. Rachel Vogl, Kimley-Horn
62. Jeremy L. Welter, Rochon
63. Jon Zentner, Arthur Chapman