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COVID-19: The Great Accelerator Forcing Bifurcation

When:March 3, 2021
Time: 8:30am - 10:00am
Where:ZOOM Webinar
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Cost:Members $25, Nonmembers $35, Student/Intern $35
1. Jack Amdal, Studio 55 Architects, LLP
2. Peter Barott, Muir Investment Holdings, LLC
3. Kathy Bayliss, Wellington Management, Inc.
4. Paul Berg, Sunrise Banks, N.A.
5. Eric R. Bjelland, Midwest Retail Ventures
6. Carl Brandt, Great Southern Bank
7. Kris Brandt, JLL
8. Nicholas Campion, FCP Services
9. David Carland, Venture Pass Partners
10. Deborah Carlson, Cushman & Wakefield
11. Lisa Christianson, Christianson & Company Commercial Real Estate Services
12. Mitchell Cookas, Kimley-Horn
13. Patrick Daly, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
14. George Daniels, Boulder Properties, Inc.
15. Latrice Dasher, Kraus-Anderson Companies
16. Stephen Dombrovski, Dombrovski Properties
17. Stephen H. Eggert
18. Jon C. Fahning, Bremer Bank
19. Chad Feigum, Loucks
20. Paula Foley, Klodt Incorporated
21. Laura Gill, Christianson & Company Commercial Real Estate Services
22. Jeff Hagen, Platinum Properties Group, Inc.
23. John Hapka, Suntide Commercial Realty, Inc.
24. Tom Heuer, Aspen Waste Systems, Inc.
25. Beth Holmgren, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
26. Christopher Huntley, Mulligan & Bjornnes, PLLP
27. Timothy Igo, Suntide Commercial Realty, Inc.
28. Bradley Kaplan, Transwestern
29. Vicki Karr, Wellington Management, Inc.
30. Gail Kennedy, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
31. Jenifer L. Kent, Lund Food Holdings, Inc.
32. Lauren Kessler, Colliers | Minneapolis-St. Paul
33. Jacqueline Knight, Ackerberg
34. Michael Landstad, CBRE
35. Joel Libor, Klodt Incorporated
36. Casey Marka, Transwestern
37. Grant Martin, Loci Consulting LLC
38. Andrew Meelberg, Bremer Bank
39. Brian Merz, HJ Development
40. Jason Meyer, Cushman Wakefield
41. Stefanie Meyer, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
42. Bruce A. Miller, MFC Properties Corporation
43. Jackie Miller, RSP Architects, Ltd.
44. Paige Morton, Kraus-Anderson Companies
45. Paul Muldoon, Bremer Bank
46. Joe Nuñez, Vantage Law Group, PLLC
47. Nate Ohme, Great Clips, Inc.
48. Ann Olson, Bell Bank
49. Lauren Panzer, Colliers
50. Roz Peterson, Cerron Commercial Properties
51. Whitney Peyton
52. Bob Pounds, Newmark Knight Frank
53. Ashley Preusser , Kraus-Anderson Companies
54. Terese Reiling, Colliers | Minneapolis-St. Paul
55. Johnny Reimann, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
56. Ned Rukavina, Cushman & Wakefield
57. Doug Sailor, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
58. Kristine Schisel, Transwestern
59. Chrystal Seelhammer, Kraus-Anderson Companies
60. Michelle Shawhan, Cushman & Wakefield
61. Chris Simmons, Transwestern
62. Brien Slawik, Slawik Properties/Har-Mar, Inc.
63. Kurt Stenson, RMA Real Estate Services, LLC
64. Joan Suko, Ridgedale/Brookfield Properties
65. Hollie Thompson, Cushman & Wakefield
66. Katie Trudell, Kraus-Anderson
67. William Wardwell, Transwestern
68. Jeremy L. Welter, Rochon
69. Shawn Wiski, Kraus-Anderson Companies
70. Sheila Zachman, Commercial Realty Solutions

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