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Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is committed to providing MSCA members with an interesting monthly electronic newsletter (MSCA Connection) with accurate and up-to-date information. The committee members discuss new ideas and work together to obtain and prepare articles, including features about existing and future retail development projects within the state, member profiles, program recaps, and retail trends that affect our industry and members. This committee meets quarterly in order to make assignments for future issues of the newsletter. It is an excellent opportunity for those who like to write and/or stay abreast of current events. 


Lisa Diehl
Diehl and Partners, LLC

Staff Contact
Karla Keller Torp
Minnesota Shopping Center Association
(952) 888-3490

  • Lisa L. Diehl, Diehl and Partners, LLC
  • Jesseka Doherty, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
  • Natina James, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.
  • Tom Klaers, Gardner Builders
  • Jacqueline Knight, Ackerberg
  • Alison Krueger, Mid-America Real Estate - Minnesota, LLC
  • Julie Wolleat, Starbucks Coffee Company